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Where do I start?

A library is filled with thousands of books! But what if you miss a great book? Sometimes too many options can make it hard to figure out what is best.

On this page, we try to help guide you to can’t miss parts of history to get you going!

What kind of show do you need?

How much time do you have? 

If you have 2 minutes, Revived Devos might be for you. 2-3 jam-packed minutes of teaching by men like DL Moody, Jonathan Edwards, Watchman Nee, Martin Luther, and St. Augustine.

If you have 10-15, you may enjoy Martyrs and Missionaries. Elise tells you stories you’d stories that will change your life about God’s work around the world.

If you have 30-45 minutes, Revived Thoughts and Revived Radio can give you back-stories of history’s greatest preachers and allow you to listen to their sermons. Listen to the actual teaching as if you were there! 

Episodes to get you started

Each of our shows does something different. But all of them help bring Church History alive! Below you can find some of the best pieces of church history to give you an idea of where to dig into our catalog. Hopefully you’ll learn something from these episodes and they can serve as a sampling of what you’ll enjoy!

Revived Thoughts

Martyrs And Missionaries

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Revived Radio