Alexander Maclaren: The Gifts To The Flock (Feat. Sermon Index)

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This episode features another special interview! Troy and Joel interview Greg Gordon, the man who runs the website Sermon Index. The largest compository of old sermons online and also the man behind most old sermon audio content that can be found on Youtube. We have him on the show and ask him what makes these old sermons so great!

In this sermon, “The Gifts To The Flock,” we listen to a sermon by Alexander Maclaren. If you’re wondering who Alexander Maclaren is, I highly recommend listening to an earlier episode we did on him!

Special thanks to John Brand for reading this sermon!

Born to missionary parents in India, John was brought to saving faith in Christ while at boarding school in south India.   Back in UK, and a few years after leaving school, he studied at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, and then, for the next 12 years, pastored two Independent Evangelical churches, one in the inner city of London and then one in Liverpool, during some of which time he also served on the UK Council of Africa Inland Mission International (AIM).

In 1993 he took on the role of AIM’s Director for Scotland, becoming Director for UK and Europe in January 1999. During his 8 years in this position he exercised a Bible teaching ministry throughout UK and Europe and made regular visits to many of AIM’s fields of service in Africa, where he was involved in ministering to missionaries and nationals.

After serving for five years on the staff of The Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, first as Vice-Principal and then as Principal, in 2012 John, in partnership with local church leaders, set up Edinburgh Bible College which he now serves as Principal.

John is married to Caroline and they have two grown up sons and one granddaughter, John is also Pastor of Grace Community Church, Broxburn, which he planted in 2014 and contributes book reviews and articles to Christian publications and is author of three books – A Concise Chronology of the Bible, Mission Matters and The Bible As It Happened.

Apart from preaching and teaching God’s Word himself, nothing gives him more pleasure and satisfaction in ministry than equipping other men for ministry and John has led preachers’ workshops in several countries, most notably and enjoyably in Sudan and South Sudan.

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