Alexander Maclaren: Why Does Love Delay?

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Alexander Maclaren is a preacher who was considered one of the best preachers of his era. But unlike so many preachers, he was a quiet man who did not become famous for book-writing or big ministry projects. He just enjoyed preaching and really believed what he preached.

This sermon, “Why Does Love Delay?” Maclaren asks the question, “Why doesn’t God always answer our prayers?” Or why does he wait? Maclaren says God does all things for the good of those who believe, and even when he tarries, he is doing good for the believers.

Special thanks to Jeremiah Wheelersburg for narrating this week’s episode. You can listen to Jeremiah as host of the christian Podcast, “The Minister, The Ministry, and Me Show”, named after his book, and also known as The 3m Podcast – often with special guests, audio blog’s and book readings. Find out more at

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