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R. A. Torrey: One

Powered by RedCircle R.A. Torrey was called the "Elisha" to DL Moody's "Elijah." He would preach to large crowds in

The Rise and Fall

Powered by RedCircle In the next two episodes we'll explore the rise and fall of Christianity in Japan, which occurred

The Rise and Fall

Powered by RedCircle The second part of our examination of Christianity in Japan. We explore what was going on with

A. W. Tozer: The

Powered by RedCircle AW Tozer preached this New Year's sermon in 1961. He talks about the peace and assurance we

J. C. Ryle: Signs

Apple Spotify Google J. C. Ryle lived through a tough bankruptcy that almost broke his spirit. When he finally gave

B. H. Carroll: The

Powered by RedCircle B. H. Carroll once fought in the Confederate army and preached atheism to rallies of soldiers. But

B. B. Warfield: The

Powered by RedCircle B. B. Warfield was a theologian at Princeton Theological Seminary that stood for Biblical inerrancy and traditional

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Revived Conversations: Flawed Men

Powered by RedCircle Revived Conversations is out with its first episode: Flawed Men. In this premiere, Troy and Joel discuss one of the most common questions that they get asked…

Gregory of Nyssa: The Day Of Lights

Powered by RedCircle Gregory of Nyssa is the last Cappadocian Father that we have not covered! This sermon comes from a festival called Day Of Lights. Special thanks to Patrick…

Eric Liddell: Uncle Eric

Powered by RedCircle Finally the episode many people have been waiting for: Eric Liddell. We look at his life before and after the 1924 Paris Olympics. Be Still My Soul…

Big Revived Studios Update

Powered by RedCircle Big update on the whole studio that we wanted you all to hear. Following the Frasiers Facebook Page Revived Studios Twitter Revived Studios Facebook Join us on…

DL Moody: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Powered by RedCircle DL Moody preaches a sermon on the power of the Holy Spirit. We also take a look at the life of DL Moody during the crisis of…

Martyred by the Rhoan

Powered by RedCircle In this episode Elise covers the second century martyrs of Lyons and Vienne, killed by the Romans during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Read the Letter Polycarp…

Hudson Taylor: Abiding In Christ

Powered by RedCircle Hudson Taylor is one of the most famous missionaries of all time. Yet he did not start out that way. Listen to his early days in traveling…

Samuel Kirkland: Among the Six Nations

Powered by RedCircle Samuel Kirkland dedicated his life to working with the Native Americans of the Six Nations, or Iroquois Confederacy right up to, during, and after the American Revolutionary…

Charles Spurgeon: Lecture For Little Faith

Powered by RedCircle Charles Spurgeon’s one of the most pastors of all times. But how well do you know the story of the Downgrade Controversy? Listen and hear about an…