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R. A. Torrey: One

Powered by RedCircle R.A. Torrey was called the "Elisha" to DL Moody's "Elijah." He would preach to large crowds in

The Rise and Fall

Powered by RedCircle In the next two episodes we'll explore the rise and fall of Christianity in Japan, which occurred

The Rise and Fall

Powered by RedCircle The second part of our examination of Christianity in Japan. We explore what was going on with

A. W. Tozer: The

Powered by RedCircle AW Tozer preached this New Year's sermon in 1961. He talks about the peace and assurance we

J. C. Ryle: Signs

Apple Spotify Google J. C. Ryle lived through a tough bankruptcy that almost broke his spirit. When he finally gave

B. H. Carroll: The

Powered by RedCircle B. H. Carroll once fought in the Confederate army and preached atheism to rallies of soldiers. But

B. B. Warfield: The

Powered by RedCircle B. B. Warfield was a theologian at Princeton Theological Seminary that stood for Biblical inerrancy and traditional

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Revived Studios Update

Powered by RedCircle Today I wanted to share an update with you on some stuff going on at Revived Studios. This episode was a personal one of me sharing with…

Boniface: Chopping Idols and Taking Names

Powered by RedCircle In this episode, we cover the life of Boniface, known as the apostle of Germany. Note: If you feel inspired to write a ballad about him after…

Thomas Aquinas: Praise and Dwell Within Us

Powered by RedCircle Thomas Aquinas lived in the 1200s. He was one of the most famous philosophers that ever lived. But he is also someone who preached and cared mightily…

Darlene Rose: Never Forsaken

Powered by RedCircle In a riveting episode, Elise tells the life story of the incredible Darlene Rose from her time as a pioneer missionary in New Guinea/Indonesia, to her time…

Revived Conversations: Unity in the Church

Powered by RedCircle Join Joel and Troy for an episode of Revived Conversations: Unity in the Church. They tackle the idea of unity in the church from a Church History…

The Forgotten Aspects of Being A Missionary

Powered by RedCircle In this episode, Elise talks about those things we don’t often think about when we think of missionaries. The adjustments, cultural changes, and those other things which…

F. B. Meyer: Prayers of Intercession

Powered by RedCircle F. B. Meyer is an under-studied yet wildly influential preacher of the very early 1900s. His practical sermons give straightforward guidance on how to live. Special thanks…

George Mueller: You have One Life

Powered by RedCircle George Mueller is one of the most inspirational characters in Church History. Listen to his life-story and then listen to a sermon he gave from Ecclesiastes. Special…

Jane Haining: Number 79467

Powered by RedCircle Jane Haining is one of Scotand’s only citizens to receive Israel’s “Righteous Among the Nations” honor. Listen now to hear her story. Revived Studios Twitter Revived Studios…

Thomas Spurgeon: Unless We Forget

Powered by RedCircle Thomas Spurgeon, the son of Charles Spurgeon, is often forgotten in history. But his story is almost like a Hallmark movie! Special thanks to Lee Jones for…