Andrew Gray: Faith

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Andrew Gray was a preacher who lived in the 1600’s. The one thing about his life that stands out is that his life was short. He died before his 24th birthday. But in those 2 and a half years he preached he made a huge impact.

This sermon, “Faith,” talks about what our faith is in God. He defines it and describes it and helps us to better understand this important but sometimes abstract concept. He also speaks as a man who took his faith incredibly seriously, even as one who was young and died at a young age.

Special thanks to Will Smith for reading this sermon. William Hay Smith was born and raised in Peterhead, in the North East of Scotland. Through the kindness of God he was saved by Christ as a young child. As a young man he was given the opportunity to study Chemical Engineering in London, England where through the hard work of various Christian friends and mentors he gradually appreciated more and more the awesomeness of Jesus. His secular work, as a professional engineer, has allowed him the privilege of living in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, France and for several years, even the great State of Texas. Currently he serves at Christ Church Mayfair.

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