B. H. Carroll: The Faith Of Noah

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B. H. Carroll once fought in the Confederate army and preached atheism to rallies of soldiers. But after God got a hold of his life he became the founder of multiple seminaries and a preacher that was well known throughout the south.

In this sermon, “The Faith Of Noah,” Carroll pushes us to think about the work that God has been doing in the lives of believers since the beginning. That He calls them to tell others about the impending judgment that is on the world.

Special thanks to Justin Rea. Special thanks to Justin Rea for reading this sermon. Justin Rea is a data analyst from North Georgia. He currently owns and operates soundinworship.com, a website designed to point Christians to great and solid worship music. He is married to his wife, Anna Beth, and has a 1 year old son named Silas. 

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