Balthasar Hubmaier: On The Sword

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Balthasar Hubmaier was an Anabaptist leader who preached and lived in Europe in the early days of the Reformation. He will be martyred by the Catholic church in 1528 but he had many run ins with protestant reformers as well.

In this sermon, “On The Sword,” Hubmaier encourages some Christians who wanted to give up some government posts they’d been offered to not do so. Instead, he encourages them to stay and make government better.

Special thanks to John Raynar for reading this sermon! John Raynar has been commercial radio announcer in American Samoa since 2006 where he and his wife Alice have 4 children, and attend Grace Peace Fellowship Bible Church, a reformed church in Malaeimi, American Samoa that is pastored by Rodney Chand.  

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