Boniface: Faith and Works of Love

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Boniface was known as the “Apostle to Germany.” A great continuation of the episode we did on “Gregory The Great,” who sent missionaries to England. Now England, about a century later, is sending missionaries to continental Europe. And Boniface is a literal axe-wielding no non-sense preacher who was so beloved his church in England followed him into Europe.

In this sermon, Boniface preaches a final farewell to a group and leaves them with his final thoughts on what makes up the faith. He goes through the disciplines and virtues that are expected among the members of Christ.

Special thanks to Ed Beckell for this sermon. Pastor Ed Backell is a Washington state native, and has taught for 30+ years in churches in Oregon, Washington and Nebraska, currently in Warden, WA. He has been serving Warden Community Church since May, 2010

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