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Rolfe Barnard: The God of the Bible Kills People

Powered by RedCircle The first episode of Revived Radio goes through the intense sermon “The God of the Bible Kills People.” This sermon was preached by one of the only Calvinist Revivalists of the early 1900s. We give a little of his back-story and allow you to listen to this powerful sermon.

Leonard Ravenhill: Eternity

Powered by RedCircle Listen to the back-story and a sermon by Leonard Ravenhill. He is one of the most famous men from this era. But how many people know much about his life? And have you heard this sermon he preached on eternity?

C. S. Lewis: War Time Address

Powered by RedCircle C. S. Lewis may well be one of the most famous Christians of the 20th century. This episode of Revived Radio features his only surviving audio, taken from talks he gave over the BBC during World War II.