Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Lazarus and the Rich Man

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We return to Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the 1930’s of Germany. He was a man who would die young as he continued to return to Nazi occupied Germany despite the threats to his own life. He wanted to help the church, and when he got removed from the pulpit he would help build underground church movements in Germany. He was a staunch supporter of the Jewish cause and rabidly anti-Hitler.

In the sermon, “Lazarus and the Rich Man,” we get to hear his thoughts on the story in Luke 16 of what happens to the rich man and Lazarus. Bonhoeffer challenges us not to look past the real message of the text and try to make it say something it doesn’t. He also warns us that the same fate awaited the rich man and Lazarus, and awaits us as well.

Special thanks to Dustin Garrett for reading this episode of Revived Thoughts.

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