G. Campbell Morgan: False Fire

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G. Campbell Morgan is one of the most famous preachers of the early 1900s. He, in many ways, was the bridge between the great preachers of the 1800s and one famous preacher of the later 1900s. Check out a sermon on the famous moment in Leviticus when Nadab and Abihu are struck down by God.

Special thanks to Jeremiah Wheelersburg for helping us with this sermon. Jeremiah Wheelersburg is an Author, Preacher and Podcaster from Aurora Colorado. Jeremiah writes under the pen name J.N.Wheels and has been preaching and teaching the Bible since he was 17 years of age. His most recent book is called “The Minister The Ministry and Me”. You can watch or listen to Jeremiah’s podcast with the same title as his book or also known as “The 3M Podcast” for short. You can find out more about J.N.Wheels and what he’s up to at JNWheels.com 

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