George Matheson: The Patience Of Job

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In 1885 a blind and Scottish preacher was asked to speak before Queen Victoria during the height of the Victorian era. His preaching had become famous and despite his difficulty seeing, he made up for it through memorization of the Word. His fame would actually come from the hymns that he’d end up writing, the most famous of which, “Oh love that will never let me go,” is still being sung today.

His sermon, the Patience Of Job, was so beloved by Queen Victoria that she insisted it be published. A personal copy was made for herself and stored in her private library for her to read whenever she pleased. Reporters from around the world talked about this great sermon and the blind preacher who delivered it. But over time, the sermon was lost. Until only one known copy existed. As Revived Thoughts returns for season 2, we present this amazing sermon to you again.

Special thanks to Jonathan Thiede for reading this episode of Revived Thoughts. He is an associate pastor in West Pennsylvania and also the host of the Book It podcast. Book It reviews Christian literature for people to read. They recently hosted Troy as a guest on the show as we talked about Zach Eswine’s book, “Charles Spurgeon’s Sorrows.”

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