Henry Liddon: The First Five Minutes After Death

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Henry Liddon was a famous preacher in London during the 1800s. One of the most influential people in the Church of England during his time, he defended the Bible against skepticism and unitarianism as many were drifting away from the faith.

This sermon, “The First Five Minutes After Death,” is a sermon is a sermon he gave that challenges us to think about what will happen to us after we die. Not just will we go to Heaven, but what happens to our bodies and souls in this process?

Special thanks to Jonathan Clauson for preaching this sermon. Special thanks to Jonathan Clauson for reading this speech. Jonathan Clauson started with Clear Channel Radio in the ’90s. Jonathan has worked in audio and marketing for 20 years. Credits include stints at EA Tiburon, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and freelancing as voice talent for audio-books and podcast production services.

Click below for the speech, “The First Five Minutes After Death”

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