J. C. Ryle: The Christian Race

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J. C. Ryle is a preacher we have looked at before. You can check out his episode, “Unbelief- A Marvel,” in our catalog. But this week we’re looking at his time in ministry and the “hustle” he put in for years. Prior to being a famous tract writer and preacher, he was a man who was preparing sermons for publishing, writing tracts, and working tirelessly in the background. These years of preparation paid off when the time came, but in his running of The Christian Race he spent years in training.

This sermon, “The Christian Race,” Ryle gives us encouragement on the race that we must all run in our faith. He talks about those who have gone before us, the prize that we have ahead, and he does so in a way that will leave you convicted and ready to go.

Special thanks to Ed Backell for narrating this week’s episode. Pastor Ed Backell is a Washington state native, and has taught for 30+ years in churches in Oregon, Washington and Nebraska, currently in Warden, WA. He has been serving Warden Community Church since May, 2010.

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