Jean-Gerson: Walk While You Have The Light

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Jean Gerson lived in France during the late 1300’s and early 1400s. He is most famous for his role at the Council of Constance and ending the Great Schism. He was a man who desperately wanted to see reforms go through in the Catholic Church and who also wanted to help average people grow closer to God.

His sermon, “Walk While You Have The Light,” was preached in 1415 during a pivotal moment at the Council of Constance. He reminds us that though we may not always have opportunities to do things for Christ, we should do good works for God now as we still can.

Special thanks to Eric Clausen for helping select and narrate this sermon. Eric Clausen is a Lutheran pastor in Orange County California.  He graduated from Concordia Seminary St. Louis with Masters Degrees in Theology and Church History.  He hosts his own podcast called “The Faithful Forebearers” which tells the stories of Christian men and women throughout history, including people such as Hildegard of Bingen, Jan Hus, and Jean Gerson.

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