John A. Broadus: Lessons For The Tempted

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John A. Broadus became a Christian in his teenage years after being challenged at a revival to take the Word seriously. Although he never went to school personally, he became a teacher and would eventually become an influential professor and president at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

This sermon, “Lessons For The Tempted,” shows off his simple way of teaching the truth to those who would listen. He viewed temptation through the lens of James 1, not as a thing to carry as just a burden in this life, but as a way for Christ to make stronger believers out of us.

Special thanks to Justin Rea for reading this sermon. Justin Rea is a data analyst from North Georgia. He currently owns and operates, a website designed to point Christians to great and solid worship music. He is married to his wife, Anna Beth, and has a 1 year old son named Silas. 

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