John Bunyan: Last Sermon

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John Bunyan wrote one of the most famous books of all time, Pilgrim’s Progress. But many people forget that he was also a preacher. And a soldier and a prisoner for Christ. We explore the life of this seventeenth century preacher who was not expected to be much of anything in life.

This sermon, “Last Sermon,” is the last sermon he ever preached. Preached 12 days before he died he makes the case that we can know whether we are saved by comparing our physical lives to our spiritual ones.

Special thanks to Mike Clark for reading this sermon. Mike is an evangelical Christian pastor with more than 20 years of ministry experience ranging from Student Ministry, to Worship Ministry, Evangelism Training, and preaching.  
He is currently the worship pastor of The Way Church in Denver, CO, where he has served faithfully since July of 2014.

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