John Dagg: Eternity!

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John Dagg was an incredibly influential Southern Baptist founder and thinker. He grew up bad at academia but would end up writing the systematic theology of the Southern Baptist denomination. This sermon was likely preached in the 1820’s and 1830s.

His sermon, “Eternity!” challenges our view of eternity. Most of us do not like to think of eternity. But Dagg would call into question thinking of anything else.

Special thanks to John Raynar for reading this sermon. John Raynar has been commercial radio announcer in American Samoa since 2006 where he and his wife Alice have 4 children, and attend Grace Peace Fellowship Bible Church, a reformed church in Malaeimi, American Samoa that is pastored by Rodney Chand.  

Click below for the speech, “Eternity!”

Click below for the show transcript:

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