John Knox – Isaiah 26:17-21 The Chastisement Of Jerusalem (Part 2)

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This episode is part 2 to our episode on John Knox. In this one Joel and Troy interview Douglas Bond on why it is John Knox is still so important to us today. He answers their questions on what his accomplishments were, who John Knox was, and was John Knox a misogynist?

In the sermon, which is an exegesis of Isaiah 26:17-21, John Knox continues where he left off before discussing the destruction of Jerusalem and the reminder of what the Israelite s will have happen to them after it falls. He digs into Israelite history as well as the stories of wicked kings.

Special thanks to Douglas Bond for reading this episode of Revived Thoughts. For one of Douglas Bond books, go to Bond Books. Douglas Bond, author of more than twenty-five books, is husband of Cheryl, father of six, and grandfather of five. He is Director for the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, two-time Grace Award finalist, adjunct instructor in Church history, advisory member to the national committee for Reformed University Fellowship,  award-winning teacher, speaker at conferences, and leader of Church history tours in Europe.

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