John Newton: He Shakes the Heavens and the Earth

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In this episode of Revived Thoughts we examine the relationship between William Wilberforce and John Newton. The way the two of them worked together to defeat slavery and the actual process that they worked through.

In this sermon, “The Shaking of Heaven and Earth,” one listens to a sermon that asks us to think about the God who shakes the Heavens and the Earth and how these are not just words on paper. This is what God will someday actually do.

Special thanks to Tony for this week’s episode.

Tony Givhan has graduate degrees from Western Michigan University and Grand Rapids Theology Seminary.  He earned his PhD in Philosophy of Science from Michigan State University.  He has been married to Verma for 40 years and has five adult children.  When he is not doing philosophy he is spending time with his six grandchildren.

He also takes time out of his busy schedule to take nerdy, younger Christians under his wing to mentor them which is appreciated by them.

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What could Christians do if they saw past this one moment in time? Our goal with Revived Thoughts is to help Christians do just that by learning from historical sermons.