John Stam: Commencement Address to Moody Bible College of 1932!

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D. L. Moody’s famous Bible Institute had a commencement address from John Stam two years before he and his wife are martyred on the mission field. His incredible life will serve as a witness and a testimony to God’s good work. This biography is part of a two parter with the other half of the story available on the first episode of Martyrs and Missionaries. Check it out here.

In this sermon, “Commencement Address,” you will hear the echoes of sermons by Hudson Taylor as he encourages his audience to be willing to go to the ends of the Earth for the Gospel. This address and desire to live and serve God is as timely today as it was then.

Special thanks to Chips Ross for reading this week’s sermon. Chips Ross was born and raised in California and got converted to Christ when he was ten at the re-enactment of a drama on DL Moody’s life. I enrolled at the Master’s College but after a semester in Israel he decided to become a pastor. He met his wife, Christchanna, and has since had four children together. They live in Fresno and he serves as the pastor of Westwood Baptist Church since September of 2015.

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