John Sung: The Burden of Sin Lifted

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John Sung was the most famous evangelist in China’s history. He preached to millions of people in his career and not just in China, but across all of south-east Asia. They called him the “John The Baptist” of China. And the man who changed China.

In this sermon, “The Burden of Sin Lifted,” you can see the special emphasis he places on living a Holy and acceptable life. But also in the freedom of having your sins forgiven and forgotten by Jesus Christ the savior.

Special thanks to Philip Tadros for reading this sermon for Revived Thoughts. Philip was born and grew up in Egypt. He immigrated to Canada with his parents during his teenage years and it is there that he was found by Christ! Though he works as a full time airline pilot, Philip’s passion is to know God. He is a student of Scripture, theology, history, our common life in Christ and a lover of his local church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Phil is a husband and father of four wonderful children.

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