John Winthrop: City On A Hill

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John Winthrop left Europe and sailed across the ocean to become one of the first governors of Massachusetts. Before the group of Puritans left for the New World this was the final message they heard. And in it was much of the hope for what America could become.

The sermon is actually titled, “The Model Of Christian Charity,” but is famous for the line, “City on a Hill.” This line would go on to become popular in political discussions of the United States of America. But in this sermon, it meant so much more than that.

Special thanks to Chris Staron for reading this sermon. Chris Staron is the host of the award winning Truce Podcast — the Christian history show that Podcast Magazine called “reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell”. He’s also the author of the novel “Cradle Robber” and the writer/ director of the Christian films “Bringing up Bobby” and “Between the Walls”. You can learn everything you need to know about his work at

Click below for the sermon, “The City On A Hill”

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