Martin Luther: The Forgiveness Of Sins

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Martin Luther is one of the most famous Christians that has ever lived. His story of nailing the 95 Theses on the door of the church, the “kick-off” of the Reformation, is lauded as one of the biggest turning points in world history. And yet, we often forget about the challenges that the peasants of that day would have been up against.

This sermon, “The Forgiveness Of Sins,” (Self named, originally called the Second Sunday After Easter), Martin Luther reminds us that we do not work to have grace but that God gives it to us Himself. We can do nothing. He does it all.

Special thanks to Bryan Wolfmueller for reading this episode. Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is pastor of St. Paul and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Churches in Austin, TX. He is the author of A Martyr’s Faith for a Faithless World (CPH 2019), and other works. He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio podcast and has a number of other theological projects that all end up on his blog, He and his wife Keri live with their four children in Round Rock, TX.

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