Origen: Sermon From Ezekiel

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Origen is a church father born in 185. He has led a life of controversy, and Joel and I discuss some of these. But he also is one of the most passionate defenders of the faith that you have ever heard of.

His sermon from a series on Ezekiel goes after false teachers and challenges us all to make sure that we do not follow into heresy. He reminds us that the gift of discernment was given to us by God and should be used by believers.

Special thanks to Justin Becker. Justin is the editor and a voice actor for the podcast Biblical Chili. He has spoken several times on topics like Biblical End Time Prophecy and Biblical History but his favorite, that he has independently studied since 2003, is Young Earth Creation. Justin and his wife Tonya have two beautiful children together Jasper and Storye. One of his most burning questions that he has for the Lord when he returns is, ‘What’s up with the duck billed platypus?’

Click below for the sermon, “Sermon From Ezekiel”

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