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Revived Devos takes devotionals from famous theologians of history and records them fresh for your listening pleasure each and every day. So sit back and spend a few minutes of your morning with history’s greatest teacher.

History's Greatest Teachers

Lemuel Haynes

Preached late 1700s-1800s in America. Known as the "Black Puritan."

Martin Luther

The German Monk that kicked-off the Reformation by nailing the 95 Theses.

Oswald Chambers

He preached and taught to soldiers before losing his life during World War 1.

Watchman Nee

An evangelist and martyr in Communist China

Jonathan Edwards

The famed theologian who helped start the "Great Awakening"

Andrew Murray

Preacher from South Africa who led many prayer focused revivals

Richard Baxter

Puritan who lived through the English Civil War

D L Moody

America's most famous revivalist

St. Augustine

The most celebrated church father

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