Richard Baxter: Why Self Denial Is Necessary For Salvation

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Richard Baxter lived through the 17th century and is a man who is hard to describe in any one word. He fashioned himself a peacemaker but got into more conflicts than most preachers on our show. After the brutal English Civil War he would be persecuted for his faith but he never caved in his desire to preach Jesus Christ.

His sermon, “Why Self Denial Is Necessary For Salvation,” challenges us to give up ourselves in pursuit of God. Too many try to have God and not give anything of themselves up but Baxter would argue that this is something that is impossible to do.

Special thanks to Vincent Silva for reading this sermon. I’m a native from southern NM, and now lives with his wife of almost 37 years and 5 children in Boise, Idaho. I’m retired from the NM public schools and also a retired from the Air Force. I enjoy playing guitar, have a passion for God’s word, and witness’s  every chance I get.

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