Richard Sibbes: I Am My Beloved, And My Beloved Is Mine

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Richard Sibbes was a largely influential minister in the early 1600s. He is known for his “affectionate theology” and his elegant words on one’s relationship with Christ. He was a member of the church of England but would get in trouble at times for his ties to the puritans.

His sermon, “I Am My Beloved, And My Beloved Is Mine,” takes Song Of Solomon allegorically and puts Christ in the place of Solomon and the woman as the church. He then uses this relationship to describe our current relationship with Christ as we wait for Christ to come back.

Special thanks to Lee Jones for reading this sermon. Lee Jones is an Ohio-based self professed theology nerd and podcaster who works in the nursing home industry. He is a churchman who serves his congregation as a volunteer sound guy, and co-hosts Guys With Bibles, a BAR Network podcast that seeks to study scripture, discuss doctrine, and glorify God.

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