C. I. Scofield: The Deity Of Christ

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C.I. Scofield is a controversial and famous preacher who lived in the 1800s. His life story starts out very rough as a confederate soldier, a corrupt lawyer, and an alcoholic who destroys his own private practice and his family. His story changes completely when a friend tells him about Christ.

His sermon, “The Deity Of Christ,” comes across as one part apologetic work and another part invitation to meet the same history changing Christ that Scofield met. It is a passionate defense of the person of Christ, whom our faith rests on.

Special thanks to Jonathan Clauson. Jonathan Clauson started with Clear Channel Radio in the ’90s. Jonathan has worked in audio and marketing for 20 years. Credits include stints at EA Tiburon, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and freelancing as voice talent for audio-books and podcast production services.

Click below for the sermon, “The Deity Of Christ”

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