Top 20 Sermons of 2020

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This is a classic list format episode.

What were Troy and Joel’s top five episodes of the year? And then what were the top most downloaded episodes of the year. We have included the links to each episode in hopes that you will check out ones that sound interesting to you! This list also would make a great thing to share with those you have wanted to interest in Revived Thoughts.

Troy’s Top Episodes

5. Henry P. Liddon – The First Five Minutes After Death

This episode encouraged lots of people to consider life after death. We heard a lot of people say it encouraged them in their faith and it really encouraged me to think of how much this life is going to be easy to forget in the next one.

4. John Broadus – Lessons For The Tempted

This episode was not a wildly popular one and the man did not have a back-story that was particularly memorable. Yet the sermon itself was very powerful and deeply encouraging to me. I have probably used the lessons he recommended in my own personal life more than anyone else’s sermons this year.

3. C. I. Scofield – Deity of Christ

This episode was a strong one on the deity of Christ. Very interesting sermon! And a powerful life-story from C. I. Scofield that I did not expect from such a person famous more for his Bible commentary than his background.

2. Charles Spurgeon – What the Church Lacks

A sermon that has been in my mind since I first listened to it. Really stuck with me how powerful his thoughts were on improving the church and what was lacking in the church. And his own story of how he came to Christ was really interesting and powerful, too. So many lives and souls were affected by one older gentleman’s Gospel preaching.

Honorable Mention: Basil – To The Rich

We received a lot of feedback on how devastating this sermon was for people. Convicting, challenging, I can attest that this sermon was one of the most painful we ever produced.

Joel’s Top Episodes

5. Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Lazarus and the Rich Man

The gentleman who does our Dietrich Bonhoeffer sermons is fantastic. This powerful sermon on money and how to trust God with it and all the hard times was fantastic. We also loved the back-story portions we got to zoom in on.

4. Hudson Taylor – Compassion On The Multitude

Hudson Taylor lived an incredible life and was without a doubt one of the most influential missionaries of the 1800s. He preaches as if he knows God personally and with such confidence you can not help being drawn in by it.

3. DL Moody – Temptation

A sermon that was preached on the temptations of people in the 1800s, that has surprisingly direct applications to what we are going through today. Not to mention the back-story of DL Moody’s last sermon was a powerful testament to people’s love for a great preacher.

2. George Matheson – The Patience of Job

This sermon came to us in a fun and unique way by asking a library in Europe to send us scanlations of it out of a book. Yet this sermon, completely forgotten by the world and only held in Revived Studio’s catalog, was an amazing and impactful sermon by a man with a fantastic back-story.

Troy and Joel’s Top Episode of 2020

Without meaning to, Joel and Troy both picked the same episode as their top episode of 2020! And that episode is…

David Livingstone’s – The Heart of Africa

A powerful “spiritual speech” on Livingstone’s missionary journey through Africa and the work he did fighting slavery, fighting wars, and exploring parts of Africa no European had ever been to for Christ.

In this episode we also use the official statistics of Megaphone to see what the top ten most downloaded episodes were this year! Between these two lists there are plenty of great episodes for you to make sure you have listened to this year. If you are new to the show, these are two great lists to listen to as well to sample what kind of sermons you may like.

10. Andrew Murray – The Power of Persevering Prayer
9. David Livingstone – The Heart of Africa
8. Oswald Chambers – Arriving At Myself
7. Jonathan Edwards – Pardon for the Greatest Sinners
6. George Whitefield – How To Listen To Sermons
5. John Winthrop – City on A Hill
4. John Calvin – Passion Of The Christ
3. St. Augustine – Sermon on 1 John
2. Charles Spurgeon – On What The Church Lacks
1. Martin Luther – The Distinction Between the Law and the Gospel (Feat. Bryan Wolfmueller)

(Note: This list is slightly different than the one we put in the episode, as between recording the episode and posting the list the top 10 episodes actually changed slightly)

Thank you so much to all of you who have listened this year! Thank you to all the amazing speakers we had who helped us make these sermons a success. We are all looking forward to what exciting episodes we will have on this list next year.

If you think we missed an episode that should be on this list, tell us on social media or write to us at and tell us why!

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