Alexander Whyte: Eli - Castaway Preacher And Indulgent Father
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Alexander Whyte: Eli - Castaway Preacher And Indulgent Father

Alexander Whyte was called the "last of the Puritan preachers," and also was called ecumenical. What caused this famous, fiery preacher to have such a conflicting legacy? In his sermon, "Eli- Castaway Preacher and Indulgent Father," you'll find one of the best defenses of the character of Eli. A man who is often studied treated harshly and misunderstood. Special thanks to Patrick Antonuci. Patrick Antonucci is the founder and host of the Dad Hackers community and podcast. Patrick didn’t grow up in a Christian home, yet now he finds himself married with 5 kids and striving to lead his family as God intended men to do. Patrick and his wife Jessica live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with their 5 children. If you'd like to financially support the show, go to our Patreon! It helps us continue making the show best we can for you. 3 bucks a month gets you access to special episodes, the RT bookmark, and more! You can also check out our recent Revived Thoughts Deep Dive episode and access to our next "Behind The Scenes" coming out this week! Important announcement in this episode! If you'd like to narrate a sermon, send us an email at And if you enjoy the show, sharing with friends and a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts helps a lot! These ratings help a ton and we are incredible grateful for them. Follow us for more content throughout the week! Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Revived Thoughts

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