Johannes Tauler: He Makes the Deaf Hear
Revived ThoughtsAugust 01, 2019
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Johannes Tauler: He Makes the Deaf Hear

Back in the 1300's, during the middle of the black plague outbreak in Strasburg, a monk named Johann Tauler preached. He visited the sick, continued to give sermons, and despite seeing a horrific outbreak of plague that would re-shape Europe and church culture forever, he stood strong in loving his neighbor. In this sermon, "He Makes The Deaf To Hear," Johann Tauler talks about how we are all unable to hear and speak until the miracle of Christ allows us to. Our ears are blocked and unable to live or hear God's eternal Word without the power of Christ. Special thanks to Jonathan Thiede the sermon reader for this episode. He is an associate pastor in west Pennsylvania and the Host of the Book It Podcast, which is a meaningful discussion of Christian literature. Click the link to check out his show.Follow us for more content throughout the week! Facebook InstagramTwitter Revived Thoughts

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