Revived Thoughts Deep Dive (Preview): Joan of Arc
Revived ThoughtsJune 03, 202100:36:0132.98 MB

Revived Thoughts Deep Dive (Preview): Joan of Arc

You may have heard of Joan of Arc. But what do you really know about her? She claimed to hear voices and the voice of God. But did she? And why did France even need her? This preview puts you mid-way through the episode with the early half of Joan of Arc's story. Characters and stories have already been introduced and told. To hear the beginning and the rest of the story, you'll have to become a Patreon supporter! You'll get the rest of this episode, plus an ad-free episode feed for our regular episodes, and regular behind the scenes episodes. You'll also receive shout-outs on our shows, signed bookmarks from the crew at Revived Studios, stickers, and more! Head over to Patreon to hear the rest of the story as Joel and Troy tell you what happened to Joan of Arc in this incredible tale. And at the end, hear our official viewpoints. (Twist: Troy and Joel don't end up agreeing!)

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