Revived Thoughts Introduction
Revived ThoughtsApril 28, 2019
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Revived Thoughts Introduction

It wasn’t that long ago when people read sermons. Pastors and preachers would have their sermons written down and sent out for everyone to read. It was similar to how we read blogs today. But this all stopped when audio was invented. After people started to listen to sermons on the radio, they stopped reading them. Sermons should be heard. The old sermons that were written down were forgotten. For over a hundred years countless great sermons haven’t been heard by anyone. And we limit ourselves by choosing only to listen to sermons from today. This is all changing! Our goal is to bring these sermons back to life. Many great theologians were preachers, missionaries, and professors. We read their books today. But what did they tell their congregations? What was their week to week advice on how to live? The way to live out their theology is found in their sermons. Website Facebook Instagram

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