Samuel Davies: Ingratitude To God
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Samuel Davies: Ingratitude To God

Samuel Davies was a preacher in Colonial America who had a profound impact on American history. Martin Lloyd Jones described him as "the greatest preacher America ever produced." His sermon, "Ingratitude To God," challenges us to look at the sin of ingratitude and realize that it is truly a terrible sin. That in fact, we are all guilty of this sin and have not given God the respect that is due to Him. Special thanks to Mark Andrews for narrating this episode of Revived Thoughts. Special thanks to Mark Andrews for being the speaker on this episode of Revived Thoughts. He is an adult fellowship teacher at Shawnee Bible Church. New Behind The Scenes This Week! New Show Revived Devos is out! If you'd like to financially support the show, go to our Patreon! It helps us continue making the show best we can for you. 3 bucks a month gets you access to special episodes, the RT bookmark, and more! You can also check out our recent Revived Thoughts Deep Dive episode and access to our next "Behind The Scenes" coming out this week! Important announcement in this episode! If you'd like to narrate a sermon, send us an email at And if you enjoy the show, sharing with friends and a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts helps a lot! These ratings help a ton and we are incredible grateful for them. Follow us for more content throughout the week! Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Revived Thoughts

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