Revived Thoughts - Oswald Chambers: The Divine Paradox
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Revived Thoughts - Oswald Chambers: The Divine Paradox

Famous for his devotional, "My Utmost for His Highest," Oswald Chambers lived a unique and dangerous life. He died in Egypt during World War 1, but not before captivating the hearts and minds of soldiers battling on the front. But before that he ran a Bible college, traveled to Japan, and met 3 of the 1800s most famous preachers.

Want to listen to some of the pastors Chambers listened to?

Spurgeon Sermons ( ) :

F. B. Meyer - ( ) Prayers of Interecession

Alexander Whyte - ( ) Castaway Father

Special thanks to Jonathan Clauson for reading this speech. Jonathan Clauson started with Clear Channel Radio in the ’90s. Jonathan has worked in audio and marketing for 20 years. Credits include stints at EA Tiburon, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and freelancing as voice talent for audio-books and podcast production services.

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