Revived Thoughts Radio: Leonard Ravenhill - A Fallen World
Revived StudiosOctober 09, 201900:05:55

Revived Thoughts Radio: Leonard Ravenhill - A Fallen World

Revived Thoughts Radio is an off-branch of the Revived Thoughts Podcast. We want to take old radio evangelism that has often been forgotten and bring it back to the ears of Christians today. We put the audio to old black and white footage to remind people that what was being spoken was being spoken to people just as living and real as we are today.

Leonard Ravenhill is one of the most famous radio evangelists in history. His voice boomed through the radio from the 40's on and became a staple to listen to. His cutting edge and passion reminds us today why he was able to stir a generation to move closer to Christ.

Revived Thoughts is a Podcast that takes old sermons and puts them into audio, often for the first time. We also update the language of the sermon so that it is easier to understand and listen to. And each episode starts with hosts Troy and Joel giving you the back-story of the preachers. We've done episodes on Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and many more!

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