Revived Thoughts - Robert Murray M'Cheyne: Another Lily Gathered
Revived StudiosNovember 04, 202101:03:28

Revived Thoughts - Robert Murray M'Cheyne: Another Lily Gathered

Robert Murray M'Cheyne died before he reached the age of 30. In this funeral sermon that he gave for one that did not make it to 15, we hear his passionate plea to teach the Gospel to those who are young.

Special thanks to William Hay Smith was born and raised in Peterhead, in the far North East of the UK and now lives with his wife and son in Aberdeen, Scotland. Through the kindness of God he was saved by Christ as a young child. As a young man he was given the opportunity to study Chemical Engineering in London, England where through the hard work of various Christian friends and mentors he gradually appreciated more and more the awesomeness of Jesus. His secular work, as a professional engineer, has allowed him the privilege of living in Qatar, Malaysia, France and for several years, even the great State of Texas. Currently he serves at Trinity Church, Aberdeen (a member of the International Presbyterian Church).

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